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Toyota Stadium facilities overview

Toyota Stadium, with its ingenious design and functional facilities, delivers dreams and excitement to all visitors through activities ranging from international events to daily park use.

Use status Dedicated stadium for sports such as soccer
Start of construction SEP 1997 (Construction work)
Completion 25 JUN 2001
Opening 21 JUL 2001
Construction cost 45.1 billion yen (incl. land purchase and park improvement costs)
Area Central Park: 170,000 ㎡, Building area: 40,734 ㎡, Total floor area: 97,004 ㎡
Floors 2 floors below ground and 4 floors above ground
Seating capacity All individual seating type
 Main stand: 12,045 seats
 Back stand: 14,632 seats
 Side stands:18,323 seats
    Total: 45,000 seats
(Incl. 264 seats for media, 228 wheelchair seats, and 2,438 movable seats)
Super Room 28 rooms (capacity 12 to 16 persons)
Restaurant 100 seats
Pitch Natural grass area: 115 m × 78 m
Height To mast: 96 m (from pitch), To roof: 61 m (from pitch)
Lighting intensity Horizontal illuminance: 1500 lux
Parking Basement 2: 88 cars
Basement 1: 116 cars
Ground south: 341 cars
Ground east: 129 cars
  • Stands

    All seats are individual type and have backrests and spacious leg room, allowing you to enjoy the event in comfort. The upper stand is sloped up to 38 degrees. This allows even those people in the back seats to have a good view of the field without heads from seats in front of them blocking their view.

  • Movable seating

    Movable seating with about 2,438 seats is stored in the space under the 1F side stand. The standard 42,562 seating can be expanded to a maximum of 45,000 seats, depending on the size of the event.

  • Universal and accessible design

    With its elimination of uneven surfaces and its non-slip floors, wheelchair-designated seating areas, and easy-to-read guide displays, the stadium has adopted an universal and accessible design throughout.

  • Restrooms

    In order to smoothly facilitate the congested times during events, floors 1 to 4 are all equipped with both men’s and women’s restrooms, with a total of 680 toilet units available. Multipurpose toilet facilities have been provided in 23 locations to address the needs of expecting mothers, parents with small children, and persons in wheelchairs.

  • Heated seating

    The center section of 1F has built-in seat heating for 4,000 seats, providing comfort to sports spectators even in the cold winter.

  • Mega video equipment

    LED full-color screen - 9.6 m (H) × 19.2 m (W). In addition to the display of characters for player names and score information, the equipment can also show still images and videos, ideal for use in events such as film screenings and public viewings.

  • Suspended roof structure

    The roof for the main and back stands is an unique structure suspended by cables from 4 huge masts. This eliminates the need for pillars that could interfere with the view from the stands, ensuring impressively ideal visibility.

  • Disaster prevention

    The stadium has a 24-hour disaster-prevention and security system in place to allow everyone to use the venue with peace of mind. The stadium has a structure that can withstand an intensity level 7 earthquake and strong winds up to 80m/sec and is equipped with 3 water cannons that automatically discharge water when a fire occurs, surveillance cameras, and more.

  • Media seating

    The stadium provides 264 seats for the media, each with a desk equipped with a 100V power outlet and telephone line to allow for various news reporting and gathering activities.

  • Natural grass field

    Natural grass is used to capture optimal performance from the athletes. It has a special multi-layer structure ideal for water drainage, sprinklers, and an underground-heating system that uses hot water piping.